Growth: What I learned from building growth engines for Marketplaces — A play of engines (Part II)

Blueprint of demand growth engine — shows the interaction between acquisition engine, conversion engine, incentive engine, and the pricing engine
Pricing thermometer — explains the gap between the perceived value and the perceived price.

The objective of the incentive engine is to nudge the users with some external motivation to help them through the funnel.

  1. How to find the right users — Perennial problem of an acquisition engine (Metric: CAC)
  2. How to capture the intent by removing any friction — CRO (Metric: Some funnel metric DAU to purchase)
  3. How to nudge by using an external incentive — Incentive design (Metric: CAC)

In short, marketplace efficiency is all about understanding the ‘User Intent’.



-- — Chief Product Officer @ Vista Global | MBA, UC Berkeley

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Vinay Roy

Vinay Roy — Chief Product Officer @ Vista Global | MBA, UC Berkeley

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